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World Nature Conservation Day 2020



Giuseppe De Stefano

Short summary:

Green Steps community takes active action to preserve water from plastic pollution

the reminder

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When did we start consuming more than we actually could afford?
This line was crossed in the early 1970s.

Dividing World biocapacity by World ecological footprint, and afterward multiplying that result by 365, it is possible to calculate the number of days within which Earth population can afford to keep operating. This means that it became possible to mark a specific day.

In fact, in its early ideation, it was called after economical vocabulary as “Ecological Debt Day”.

This name really highlighted the idea of humanity “living in deficit” after that set day. In the early ‘70s, it was in late December. Year after year it got earlier and earlier, and also changed its name into Earth Overshoot Day. In 2019 it came earlier than ever, on July 29.

The Covid-19 crisis moved the overshoot date three weeks later, the most sensible leap backward ever, to August 22. This is a good looking number, but not good news, of course. Nothing has improved as an effect of massive action to preserve Earth.

It is although impressive realizing how much the shutdown of part of the global production system for one to three months affected overall resource consumption, bringing the Overshoot Day close to its 15 years ago mark.

The bright side of data like these stands in the chance we all have to increase our awareness over the natural resources’ value. This goes in two directions. The most immediate realization is the need to reduce our consumption rate. That is true, but we should not forget the second half of the equation.

The ability of the Planet to regenerate its resources

Even though resources are limited, Nature would be able to constantly renew the cycle.

The human footprint affects this ability

Water, air, trees, animals, food, soil, minerals. All these elements are fundamental for human beings and for life on Earth, and it is our responsibility to keep them safe and clean.

Deforestation, illegal trade in wildlife, pollution:
these are only a few of the threats to the ability of Nature to complete its cycle and renew its resources.

In order to push people and put effort into a healthy and sustainable society, every year on July 28 World Conservation Day is celebrated: a global reminder to put an effort to protect the Earth and preserve natural resources.

We celebrated it together (a couple of days in advance) by taking active action to preserve one of the most valuable resources, water, from one of the biggest threats, plastic pollution.

Green Steps shanghai gathers in wusong park for an extraordinary event:
a plastic pirates clean up with family and friends of our community

A morning well spent cleaning up together the river shores from 77 kg of plastic! We did our job as plastic pirates once again!

After the clean-up, enjoy the park, we strengthened the Green Steps community bond, had a zero-waste pic-nic lunch and shared food!