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Flying Friends

The ultimate card game to learn
about the birds of your bioregion


Introducing Flying Friends, our first card game.
Learn about the most common birds in your home bioregion in the most entertaining way!

Flying Friends is a card game that aims at the accelerated understanding of birds on your own ecosystem. Two to four players pair identical photos of birds. Whoever gets most pairs wins.

This might sound like an ordinary memory game, but there is much more about it.

What is new about Flying Friends and why should you get at a set for your yourself, your children or your students?

Well, you have at least 3 good reasons!

1. a new understanding of planet Earth.
2. a proven method to move new knowledge into your long-term memory.
3. a great way to learn about birds in two languages.

After the publication in 2020 of our first edition about the birds of the Changjiang Plain Evergreen Forests (PA50), at the end of 2021 we published a second edition about the birds of the European Interior Mixed Forests (PA12).

Use the OneEarth map to learn more about these bioregions, which cover many important cities in China and Europe like Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuhan and Berlin, Lyon, Warsaw.

Flying Friends is currently available in Chinese / English and German / English. A German / Turkish version for bioregion PA12 is under way and we are eager to get feedback from European players to add additional language packages like German / Polish or German / French.

A bioregional identity

The main challenge for whoever works in education is engaging kids in a society whose pillars are based on entertainment. Stimuli are all over the place, and getting a child’s attention is not a piece of cake.

Green Steps' mission has always been to design and implement experiential activities which increase respect and understanding of Mother Earth.

A playful way to connect children with nature is the best way to make them aware of their local bioregion. It is the very first step to be taken in order to build a connection with nature and become aware of Earth as a gigantic ecosystem.

get your own set

We distribute the game through our offices in St. Pölten and Shanghai. Send us an email to

St. Pölten:

Interested in more information? Watch these short films:
- Flying Friends teaser
- Flying Friends explanation video

New bioregion editions are planned for 2022. Stay tuned for updates or reach out to us to create your own version.


We have designed a beautiful manual which includes more information about birds, 24 decriptions of birds, and ideas for game extensions.



Green Steps Seoul represents the REWILD YOURSELF exhibition at Sinsa House in Seoul


In the fall, Ellen was part of an exhibition at Sinsa House in Seoul showcasing sustainable efforts in the Korean fashion and automotive industries. In a joint effort between environmentalist David de Rothschild and Hyundai Motor Cars, Seoul citizens were invited to the REWILD YOURSELF project. Here, city dwellers were able to step out of their busy indoor city lives and into a forest-like natural environment to experience its impact on them. Some visitors said it took them right back to their childhood….. find out more details through the interview below.

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The Human Being as Ecosystem Service Provider


This essay calls upon the reader to consider human resources as natural resources and the human species as a keystone species which can destroy and create ecosystems. Integrating human ecosystem services into the global economy requires a fair and decentralized remuneration which empowers individuals to contribute to a solution of the climate crisis. The introduction of a universal basic income which complements a shrinking labor market and distributes the productivity gains harvested through automation and digitalization is a solution to the environmental and social crisis.

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Multiple collaborations confirmed for 2023


Green Steps has started a cooperation with the Center for Urban Nature at the Technical University of Munich to visualize ecosystem services for trees. The collaboration aims at making the value of old trees easy to understand through engaging science communication. Several other collaborations have also been formalized.

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