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We believe in the substantial value of conveying environmental awareness through educational programs and projects.

While we adhere to the global vision of transforming education from indoors to outdoors and from STEM to environmental awareness, our action has to be local.

In such a local effort, we have mapped more than 400 ancient trees in St. Polten, where our European branch is based. We are determined to get these trees legally protected.

WHY ancient TREES?

The last natural oases in highly populated urban areas must be preserved in order to strengthen the ecological health of nature and the emotional health of residents. Every ancient tree counts.

We have covered quite a few hundred kilometers on the city grounds when we developed our local education program and also mapped more than 400 trees which are more than a hundred years old (we call these trees "Big Friendly Giants" or BFGs in short).

We started this work with the publicly available natural monuments, of which there are currently 39 in St. Pölten. In the process, we noticed that no natural monuments have been recognized in St. Pölten since as early as 2006 and that number has been declining sharply since 1991.

The protection of large trees should be of special concern to every citizen, because they represent a quasi-non-renewable resource which provides exceptional ecosystem services that are essential to our survival. With every old tree that has to give way, an important habitat, a small ecosystem, which until now has given us support in the "web of life", is wiped out. Old trees are to be protected and thus the microclimate as well as the biodiversity of the urban ecosystem is to be improved by declaring them natural monuments.

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What ?

goals of green steps 

It is the concern of the association to convey an environmental awareness through educational programs and projects, which contributes sustainably to the improvement of the climate and environmental problems.

In the concrete project, old trees are to be protected and thus the microclimate as well as the biodiversity of urban ecosystems are to be improved by declaring them natural monuments .

Furthermore, the support and financing of comprehensive awareness measures shall be made possible.


support the protection of ancient trees

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