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Sino-European Environmental Youth Summit

Hoopoe Summit

2 - 11 july 2021,

An international youth exchange for participants between 16 and 28 years old with a focus on Nature and Environmental Protection. A chance to share best practices, inspire others and learn from them. An experience to strengthen our connection with Nature.


The hoopoe (pronounced hoo-pow) is an attractive Eurasian bird, native to both China and Europe. We chose it as our mascot because it’s a reminder that nature - like the climate crisis - doesn’t know political borders.

Like the hoopoe, we believe that connecting Europe and Asia and sharing the best solutions on sustainable living is the key to giving the next generation a prosperous future on Earth.

in the picture: Geographical distribution of the Opupa Epopos


We have chosen the National Park Neusiedler See – Fertö Hansag, because the ecosystem shows stunning similarities in flora and fauna to Shanghai’s suburban wetlands in the Yangtze River Delta. It therefore serves as a valuable reference for best practice also to Chinese participants for how to protect wildlife and manage sustainable tourism.

This summit does not take place indoors like most climate conferences do. We spend most of our time in Nature. The National Park is defined by a steppe-lake wetland, extra-ordinary biodiversity shaped by Alpine, Pannonian, Asian, Mediterranean, and Nordic influences and – like Shanghai – is a major bird migration hub.

What is the Hoopoe Summit?

The Hoopoe Summit is a global meeting organised by Green Steps to gather young people coming from seven countries: Austria, Germany, Kosovo, Georgia, Spain, Lithuania, and China.

The event will take place from the 2nd to the 11th of July 2021, in the Neusiedler See National Park, Apetlon, Austria: a UNESCO World Heritage Site with unique flora and fauna.

WHY do WE host this summit

We want to empower young people to build bridges of cooperation on sustainability projects within and beyond Europe.

The Hoopoe Summit strengthens their connection with nature, themselves and others.

What am I going to do?

During the 9 days of the Hoopoe summit, all selected participants will live an exciting program filled with outdoor activities, workshops and cultural exchange.

If you are between 16 and 28 years old and you are a citizen from one of the seven countries joining the program, apply by clicking on the links from the list of project partners on the bottom of the page, and submit your application.

project partners:

generation earth

A colorful network of young people who inspire, motivate, educate and take action for the future of our planet. 


Non-profit organization stimulating and sustaining citizens' active, civic, and responsible participation.

building the balkans

An NGO founded aiming to work on building youth's professional capacities and knowledge.


Youth association of NaturFreunde, committed to the values of freedom, justice and solidarity.

Atelier tipi

Offers activities to educate, discover, learn, experience and reflect through art and nature.


Organization promoting non-formal education, Erasmus + projects and Youth Exchange programs.


 gybn europe 

Global network of youth organizations and individuals to prevent loss of Earth's biodiversity and natural resources.

 neusiedler see seewinkel 

This Austrian national park is located on the edge of the Alps and of the Little Hungarian Plain.

Österreichische Naturschutzjugend

Non-profit youth organization that advocates the dissemination of nature.

Project supported by the European Union

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