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Good reads for you, your child and the planet

Global Nature Journal Challenge


The Global Education Week (GEW) common goal is sustainable development. Our branches in China and Europe decided to promote a sense of global citizenship across the Eurasian continent: let's go wild and join our Nature Journal challenge from November 30 to December 6!

Behind Green Steps: Richard Nortey

Team Intro

From Ghana to China for study, a young engineer ended up being "the man on the chair", helping all team members not getting lost in their digital tools and assisting to implement efficiency driven IT solutions. Last but not least, always with a smile on his face. Get to know our Richard!

Feeling home in a corner of greenery


Many things could be learned in a classroom, but there are many more that need to be experienced first-hand. Autumn is Nature’s generous season, where plants and trees share their fruits for harvest. All the wildlife is active in collecting reserves for the cold months to come. It is a time for celebration and merriness, to enjoy the abundance and colorful display of life.

green eu flag

The EU Green Deal & the Ark


The European Green Deal is a document published by the European Commission in 2019 to set up some macro targets and a roadmap of the key policies the European Member States need in order to achieve those targets and align with the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda. In other words it is a holistic approach to decarbonisation.

The Human Being as Ecosystem Service Provider


Written at the intersection of ecology, psychology, and economics, this essay calls upon the reader to consider human resources like natural resources. Their integration into the global economy requires a fair and decentralized system that empowers individuals to contribute to a solution of the climate crisis.

A Green Steps CSR Offer


More than a market, the event organized every year by the German Chamber of Commerce, welcomed the Corporate Social Responsibility Projects pitches by selected start-ups: Green Steps Shanghai was one of them

4M: Technology, Society, and the value of Communities


Over five months, from June to October, Green Steps Shanghai run a film program about technology and society. But it was specially memorable for us because it is also the first public course running on our new platform. The Ark.

Citymaker 2020: Harvesting Ideas, Nurturing the Future


Citymaker 2020, the accelerator that Green Steps have been part of, has come to an end. The first summit to promote cooperation between China and Europe was five years ago. In September a representative of our team joined the last edition in Berlin.

Behind Green Steps: Ellen Loasby

Team Intro

Born in Germany, living in Shanghai. Working in education with a passion for yoga. Joined Green Steps as a Nature Guide because she wants to protect the environment every day, but also because she believes in the wisdom of children. Get to know our Ellen!

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