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Flying Friends Memory Spiel - Neuauflage für Europa!

Green Steps STP

Dieser Artikel stellt die Neuauflage von Flying Friends für Europa vor und erklärt warum du dir unbedingt ein Spiel zulegen solltest. Flying Friends ist das ultimative Kartenspiel um den Biodiversitätswissen wachsen zu lassen.

Flying Friends - NEW EDITION for Europe OUT!


We proudly present a new edition of our bioregional memory game! Flying Friends is now available for Europe, too. Why should you get a copy of both the Chinese edition and the new one? This is the ultimate card game to grow your biodiversity knowledge!

On COP26 Glasgow & the Futility of Climate Conferences


This essay reviews the documentary Before the Flood which was shot on the occasion of COP21 and asks if anything will be different at COP26 or any other future climate conference.

Plastic Pirates jagen wieder nach Müll

Green Steps STP

Mit dem Start der kalten Jahreszeit setzen die Plastic Pirates wieder die Segel und befreien St.Pölten von Müll

Plastic Pirates restart hunting for waste


With the cold season starting in Austria, the Plastic Pirates set sail again to rescue the city of St.Pölten from the pollution that occured throughout summer.

Big Friendly Giants in Harland - Ein Erfahrungsbericht

Green Steps STP

Dieser Eintrag berichtet über eine Big Friendly Giants Wanderung im St. Pöltner Stadtteil Harland und zeigt auf welche tollen Eindrücke man dabei gewinnen kann.

tilia platyphyllos

Big Friendly Giants of Harland – a review

Nature Journal

This article explains what we do on a Big Friendly Giant and why it is such a thrilling experience.



Three reviews for you: a game, a book and a film that connects us to Nature. This month we have chosen “Miyabi”; “Maps of My Emotions” and “Wonder Woman”. Yes, Wonder Woman.

21st Century Competencies


Is PISA really all that is needed? We propose a Youthpass 2.0 which helps to recognize and evaluate informal 21st century learning.

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