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Green Steps STP

Die ungemähten Wiesen rund um das Augustinerstift Herzogenburg wurden in diesem Jahr zum gemeinsamen Spielplatz und Klassenzimmer für die Kinder der NÖ Kindersommerspiele! Bäume, Kräuter und Insekten zogen sie und ihre Familien in die Green Steps Lernerfahrung

NÖKISS 2021: the joy to explore a wild orchard

Nature Journal

The uncut meadows around the Augustinian Abbey in Herzogenburg became common playground and classroom for the kids attending the Lower Austrian Children’s Summer Games this year! Trees, herbs and insects attracted them and their families into the Green Steps learning experience

Behind Green Steps: AVA QIAN

Team Intro

Bird lover and meticulous activity designer raised in the urban jungle of Shanghai. Connecting with nature was a driving passion since a very young age for her. A passion she kept fostering until the day she joined Green Steps team (and beyond). Get to know our Nature Guide Ava!

Green Steps auf den NÖKISS 2021

Green Steps STP

Zum Ausklang der Ferien wird also noch einmal richtig gefeiert. Schau bei unserem Stand im Altstift vorbei und lass dich von uns in die Natur des Stiftgartens führen. Zum 50 jährigen Veranstaltungsjubiläum bietet auch Green Steps erstmals spannende Aktivitäten für junge Naturforscher an.

Green Steps at NÖKISS 2021


Let’s celebrate the end of the summer holidays together! Stop by our booth in the old part of the Herzogenburg Abbey and let us guide you into the nature of the monastery garden. For the 50th anniversary of the event, Green Steps is offering exciting activities for young and aspiring naturalists for the first time.

Freely Chosen Play


Play is a fundamental element of human nature. It is, in fact, a necessity specifically crucial during our early years. The outdoor classroom provides us with an environment where free play is a central element, while freedom contributes to develop confidence, self-esteem, autonomy and character development.

XXI Century Youth Skills


The UN celebrates on July 15th every year the World Youth Skills Day. One might ask: why? Do youth skills have a similar importance as e.g. the eradication of poverty? This short article argues that youth skills are the very foundation for the eradication for almost all miseries our world suffers from.

The Hoopoe Summit 2021


From the 2nd to the 11th of July 35 young people between 16 and 30 years from all over Europe came together in Apetlon in the national park Neusiedlersee-Seewinkel in Austria for the first ever Hoopoe Summit. The main objective of the event was to create the Hoopoe Declaration, a document outlining the participant’s demands for the future of Europe.

Green Steps Mobile Campus: what is that?


An itinerant event. The concept behind our initiative to connect people with nature with our local activities in Sankt Pölten is to involve children and plant the seed of nature stewardship for the ecosystem they live in with the best possible teaching device: making it FUN! Learn more about Green Steps method and check our events schedule.

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