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"Why should I support Green Steps' campaign?"


Our crowdfunding campaign aims to establish 10 Nature Learning Centers in sub-urban and rural China: it is the first step to achieve our global vision and we believe that everybody should care. No solution to climate crisis is possible without China.

Waldorf Education and Anthroposophy


The philosophical foundation of the Waldorf approach, anthrosophy, underpins its primary pedagogical goals: to provide an education that enables children to become free human beings and to help children to incarnate their

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The Future of Work and Education


What are we supposed to do if robots and algorithms take (most) of our jobs? Not having to work anymore can be a blessing or a curse. How to psychologically fill the void with meaning?

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Nature Deficit Disorder


Air pollution is a major environmental risk to health. These underestimated health risks are summarized under the umbrella term nature deficit disorder, which was coined in 2005 by author Richard Louv in his book Last Child in the Woods. Louv argued that the alienation from the natural world leads to a plethora of problems.

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Shanghai’s Signature Trees


Its fall again. How do you know? Shanghai's signature trees are a good indicator for this.

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Plastic Pirates – A quest for awareness on plastic pollution


Learn about the Green Steps Plastic Pirates campaign, just next door to one of the most crowded cities of the world. What plastic pollution means, how it is affecting the ocean, and how beautiful and interesting it is to explore the wildlife of Shanghai—these are the ideas we learn.

major events during the journey of the earth around the sun

Scientific principles behind cultural festivals (solstice and equinox) - Or why we have seasons


Have you ever wondered why Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December or why Halloween is dated on the 31st of October? Of course, there exist stories about Jesus or Jack Oldfield, but they are not proven with scientific evidence. In this article I will try to find scientific explanations for the dates of these cultural events. You will see that they often match with astronomic occurrences. It is not just a coincidence that winter solstice is happening a few days before Christmas or that Halloween falls on a Cross-Quarter Day exactly between equinox and solstice.

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