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Summer Camps 2021 in Ratzersdorfer See

Green Steps STP

From July 25 to August 20 Green Steps is running a series of four weekly camps in the beautiful setting of Naturjuwel Feldmühle: a beautiful piece of untouched floodplain landscape between the Traisen river and the Mühlbach, just north of Ratzersdorfer See. For 5 days 5 nights will focus on the concept of ecosystem and will learn about nature through observation, fun games and creative activities.

Behind Green Steps: Mohammed Ben-Thaier

Team Intro

Stay fit, drink coffee and get lost in the Youtube rabbit hole. This might sound not conventional for a Green Steps team member, but there is much more to disclose about this one. From Bordeaux to Shanghai to make the code in the ARK “elegant”: get to know our Lead Software Developer, Mohammed!

Unlocking Human Potential Through Play

Nature Journal

We need to find a new form of learning. One which engages children through play and helps them to absorb information in an enjoyable manner. A form of learning which instills a sense of purpose into them; and a form of learning which teaches them compassion for self, others and the planet.

A game, a book, a movie [1]


Starting from this article , we are going to review a game, a book and a film that connects us to Nature for you every month. This month we have chosen Wingspan, Ronja and My Octopus Teacher.

Why outdoor games make good parents


What role do parents play during our outdoor time and how does their child benefit from this? Parents can be like invisible heroes, providing their kids with support as they grow up, but from an appropriate distance. Being involved in games is a great opportunity to create fun memories, spend quality time together, and give children the feeling to be supported during their choice of play.

Behind Green Steps: Khalid Odartey Lamptey

Team Intro

From Accra to Shanghai: Green Steps’ Hack4Future was the chance for the meeting to happen. He is passionate about handling modern technologies to solve real life problems, we offered him the chance to give his contribution to solve the most urgent problem of them all: climate crisis. From then on his silent attitude to get things done boosted our ability to bring our vision in your hands. Get to know our Front End developer, Khalid!

Earth Day 2021: 10 Sustainable habits to take home


Start adopting these sustainable habits and play your part in building a better future! The Earth is a home we all have in common. It has protected us and our ancestors, and now it is up to us to protect it.

8 ways to join Earth Hour


Started by WWF and partners as a symbolic lights-out event in Sydney in 2007, Earth Hour is now one of the world's largest grassroots movements for the environment, engaging millions of people in more than 180 countries and territories. For 2021 edition Green Steps team invites you to join and support the initiative: raise awareness about the impact people have on the planet, and the good that communities can make if we stick together to reduce consumption.


Team Intro

The passport tells us she is German, but this just mean she was born and raised in Germany. "I rather feel like living on this planet and connecting with its living beings": this sense of belonging to nature is probably the best slogan for our global team. Get to know our funding expert, Juliane!

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