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Behind Green Steps: Leire Vaneeckhaute Lucas

Team Intro


Leire Van

Short summary:

Meet Leire! Our new animal-lover ESC volunteer from Spain

- Do you have a Nickname?
I do, it’s Lesly.

- Explain to a stranger what do you do for Green Steps?
I help with the groovy garden when we go to schools, I translate English to Spanish and I mostly work with the computer, helping around.

- What is your daily routine? What is something you like doing and your coworkers maybe don’t know about you?
I usually wake up and get ready to go to the office around 10 am, we work and talk about how to improve. I love going for walks and taking treasures with me, it can be anything, a stone that got my attention, a leaf, a stick, a feather… anything.

- Use less than 250 words to tell a story about yourself: starting from “where are you from” to the choice of joining Green Steps.
 I’m from Spain, I’m 20 years old and I came here because I heard something about Erasmus+ and I talked to my parents, searched more information, contacted a group of people called ‘Amics’ (Friends) where they help people to travel for free, I joined the group of WhatsApp and when asked for people to go to Austria to help in nature. I studied forestry so that Green Steps caught my interest, I applied and no longer after they contacted me. We had an interview, they showed me their platform and what they do. I got really interested because it was really nice and organized, we set a date and I came here.

- Mention a book you read as a teenager that still tells something about you, and that you would still suggest reading.
 ‘El calcetin de los sueños’ (The sock of dreams) by Eulalia Canal. She is a psychologist by profession, she opens up to us the world of the child's mind, the understanding or incomprehension of their reality, and how they interpret the world in which they live. It’s about a little girl, a time thief and dreams.

- How do you expect you and Green Steps to have an impact in the next years? Close with a wish for the organization.
 I want to surpass myself day by day, which I’m already doing. And I want to have a strong group where I can relay on, keep learning and helping to make the world more green and a better place for everyone, including animals.